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Top Somali Politician Steps Down, Avoiding Showdown with President



Somalia's Climate Change Refugees


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Exclusive: U.S. General Reigns in Special Operations Forces in Africa

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Exclusive: New Evidence About Alleged U.S. Massacre in Somalia

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Strong Evidence that US Special Operations Forces Massacred Civilians in Somalia

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Inside the Secret Mission that Killed a Navy SEAL in Africa

An exclusive investigation for the Daily Beast, supported by the Fund for Investigative Journalism.


The American Found in the Rubble 

The story of two friends, reunited by their love for Somalia and torn apart by its unrelenting violence.

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Mugabe Resigns at Last, Opening Door to New Tyrant

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Mugabe Hangs Tough, But Zimbabwe's Army is Tightening the Noose

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Behind the Zimbabwe Coup that Won't Speak Its Name


US Ramps Up Military Strikes in Somalia


A bomb blast in Somalia’s capital exposes the government’s failures


Questions Mount After Deadly Bombing in Somali Capital


Somalia bomb survivor: "I have never seen anything like this"


Meet the Tank Girls Taking on Al Shabab

15,000 Somalis "heartbroken" by Trump Travel Ban


Somalis Fear War Against Al Shabab May Never End


With Game of Basketball, Women Dribble Around Extremism in Somalia


Female Peacekeepers Fight Militants and Prejudice in Somalia


How to Fight an African Despot

Can Ethiopia Survive Its Own War on Terror?


Somalia Lurches from Chaos to First Democratic Rule in Decades


In Burundi Election, Catholic Church Could be Swing Vote

Russia's Quiet Rise in Africa


Why East Africa is a Hit with Music Fans

Video of Police Brutally Beating Protester Shocks Kenya

Burundi Journalists Are Using Soundcloud to Get Around Government Shut Down of Independent Radio


It's Been a Summer of Influential African Hashtags

Watch How Drones Keep Elephants Away from Danger in Tanzania


Your Next Big Vacation: Somaliland?

Solving Africa's Democratic Conundrum

Life Changing Mini Marts in Northern Kenya (Photos)


Where Poachers Aren't the Biggest Threat

In Justice: The Individual Effect of Mass Incarceration